This post brought to you by… Tequila.

Sexy Bitch Margarita

Sexy Bitch Margarita

I’ve always been one to have opinions. I believe everyone is entitled to theirs. I have found over time, however, that having an opinion is, for better or worse, frowned upon as a society. I wondered to myself the other day just when it was decided that being politically correct and nice (as in “I don’t want to hurt his/her feelings.”) became a higher standard than honesty?

I have met a LOT of people over my years and through that time, I have found people who are professional, those who are immature, those who are genius, and those who are just afraid. While there are more categories, I’m sure, I’m just making a point. Everyone is who they are. I’ve made friends. Great friends. People who will be there at any given moment I need them, no matter how far away they are or what they are involved in. I have also made “friends”. Those people who you think are decent friends until you are honest with them and suddenly, you’re their worst enemy. I tend to find that these are the individuals who are afraid to be themselves and when you are honest with them, they don’t want to face the reality. They would rather push away the great friend who would be there for them and live their life in their own little bubble.

It’s not any different in business. Business people are still just that…people. I’ve been told time and again I need to tighten my filter in a working environment. Why? I’m not passing judgment. I’m not telling you HOW to do your job. Why has society reached a point where they would rather play the business politics game rather than do what is common sense to make things better? I’ve struggled with this in job after job. You are told not to tell anyone what things in the business could be improved. In fact I’ve lost a few jobs because I tried to make things better.

Honesty has become something that is hidden away like the bastard step-child of King Henry VIII. It’s unfortunate that in a time when so many people are just trying to get by in their lives, that the ONE thing that could be their salvation in times of need is something that is deemed a negative influence. Business are ripped apart by judgments. People forget they are the sole conductor in the symphony that is their own life. Choose to live by your opinions, but don’t judge others for theirs. Don’t demean others for a different point of view. Embrace it and if you feel so strongly about a situation, rather than just complain about it verbally or, as many do so often now, post about it on social media, remember that the only way that things will be different is if YOU decide to make a change. Take a stand. Don’t be just another lemming following everyone else off the cliff. Stop. Stand up. Be counted. And above all else, be honest, if not to others, at least with yourself.


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