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So, THESE are my people…

Appreciate Good People. It took 35 years, hundreds of mistakes and many moves to find my people. So many paths to take, so many options, but in the end, you know who they are. Those people who don’t judge you for your choices. Who respect the mistakes you make and the lessons they leave you to learn for your own good. Never reaching too far, but far enough that you open your eyes to what’s right in front of you. And you will still make mistakes, but they are there to pick you up dust you off and push you right back on your path of life.

Without these people, I don’t know how I’ve gotten as far as I have. I wouldn’t call it a destructive path, but definitely one I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. I’ve seen and done things I would choose to do differently if I were in those situations again. With any luck I won’t be, but through everything, I’ve found a new awareness. I’ve opened my eyes to the world around me and am still learning.

There are SO many different types of people. So many views. So much judgment. Perception is NOT always reality. To you it may seem, but for someone else, it is seen differently. Put yourself in the shoes of those you judge. Find out their story. Don’t place yourself above anyone else.

Feelings are a funny thing and they can lie to you. Something can seem shiny and interesting. That doesn’t always make it good. Pay attention to signs. Don’t succumb to old habits and be aware. These are lessons I’m learning and sharing with you, dearest reader.

One day, I’ll find directions to the feelings store. I will have some returns to make and I may even make a few new purchases, but for now, I’ll settle for knowing that I’m surrounded by some great people and that will be enough for me.